Calibration Services

Temperature / Humidity Calibration (Range: From - 80°C To 1200 °C / 10% RH To 95 % RH )

RTD Sensor Thermocouple sensors Glass Thermometers WET & DRY Thermometers Temperature Data Loggers

Scanner Stability Chamber Water Bath Hot Air Oven Low Temperature Cabinet

Autoclave Cold Room / Storage Radiant Warmer Muffle Furnace Humidity Chamber

   GC Oven Temperature Gauges Refrigerators / Freezer Humidity Indicator / Sensor Temperature Calibrators/ Baths

Temperature Indicator with sensors ULTRA Low Temperature Freezer Digital Thermometers / Clinical Thermometers

Analog / Digital Thermo- Hygrometer Digital Thermo- Hygrometer Incubators / BOD Incubators / CO2 Incubators / Bacteriological Incubators

Temperature / Humidity - Mapping / Validation

Incubator Multi point Mapping / Validation Hot Air Oven Multi point Mapping / Validation Muffle Furnace Multi point Mapping / Validation

Cold Room Multi point Mapping / Validation Autoclave Multi point Mapping / ValidationRefrigerator Multi point Mapping / Validation

AHU Multi point Validation Humidity chamber Multi point Mapping / ValidationClean Room Multi point Mapping / Validation

Stability chamber Multi point Mapping / Validation Ultra Low Temperature Freezer (ULTF) Multi point Mapping / Validation

Mass / Weighing Balance Calibration (Range: From 1mg To 100 Kg )

Weight Box Loose Weights Electronic Weighing Balance Micro Balance / Moisture Balance

Adult Weighing Balance Food Weighing Balance Top loading Balance Platform Weighing Balance

Pipette / Glasswares Calibration (Range: From 1 µl to 2000 µl )

Micropipettes Beaker Conical Flask Burette Measuring cylinder

Pressure Calibration

Range : From -0.95bar to 700 bar

Pressure Gauges Low Pressure Gauges Pressure Switches Magnehelic Gauges Vacuum Gauges

Pressure Indicators Differential Pressure GaugesSucction Apparatus Pressure Transmitters / Transducer BP Apparatus

Sound / RPM Calibration

Range : 94dB & 114dB / 5RPM to 20000 RPM

Sound Level Meter / Noise Meter Tachometer RPM Indicators Speed Meters

VDRL Shaker / BLOT Shaker/ Rotary Shakervortex mixer/shaker Refrigerated centrifuge Centrifuge

Bio-Medical Instruments Calibration

Defrbrillator Calibration Pulse Oximeter CalibrationECG Machine Calibration Semi Auto Analyser Calibration

Diathermy Calibration Shadowless Lamp CalibrationPatient Monitor Calibration Syringe

Hemoglobin Meter CalibrationInfusion Pump / Syringe Calibration

Other Parameters

Digital Multimeter RTD / TC Calibrator Hour Meter Stop watch / Timer mV/mA Loop Calibrator

Micrometer pH Meters Conductivity MeterORP MeterVernier Caliper / Digital Caliper

TDS Meter Lux / Light Meter UV Light Meter AnemometerAir Dust Sampler Caliper

Respirable Dust Sampler Stack Monitoring Kit Air Velocity Meter Laminar Air FlowMicroscope